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YoYo Games

 if a little bar pops up saying it wants to run an add on click on it and click trust this site and run the add on and you will hear level 1's music on zombie platformer if you want to type it and make it real short type the acronym ZP for short.

Hello this is the gamespace this part of my website has games that comes from gamemaker the program I use to make games the same program I use to make zombie platformer act 1 the first ten levels of the game and its my first game

other games


super mario bro...
Added: 18 June 2010
By: buuu342


Gray and Green
Added: 11 November 2008
By: GraniteGear


Super Mario and...
Added: 03 January 2010
By: Firestyle

my games

These are the games i made.

attention i'm done making my game but it will not appear here.

my development team

i have got a team of four people called the destroyer games team our logo is at the top of the page please note: the logo may appear different than shown here


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